Flatter Tools

"A Cloud-Based, Full-Featured Project/Portfolio Management and Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) Platform"


Innovative Solutions for Common Customer Problems...

  • Cost Savings.  Pay as you go on a per user basis.  No long-term commitments to licensing and hardware.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Visibility. Seamlessly view data across all tools both within a project and across a portfolio.
  • Loosely Coupled/Tightly Integrated.  Provides a robust, full-featured lifecycle development toolkit.
  • Flexible.  Add and remove users of various types as project needs ebb and flow without the need to purchase additional licenses or hardware.
  • Drastically Reduced Project Spin-up Times.  Get developers working in days instead of weeks or months.
  • Enables Better Collaboration and Cross-Utilization.  Get more out of your development staff by using standardized tools; reducing ramp-up time when moving developers between projects.
  • Knowledge Base.  Capture tribal and institutional knowledge in one place.
  • Availability.  Tools and developer workspaces are accessed and managed in the cloud.  Team members can access resources from anywhere.
  • Security.  Many sensitive features (i.e. committing new code) are restricted to inside the enclave and only accessible from developer workspaces.  Data transmission and data at rest encryption are utilized throughout the environment.  Users are centrally managed and permissions are granted using both role based and attribute based access controls (RBAC and ABAC).

Traditional           vs.        Flatter Tools

  • Variable levels of Government access to its own data
  • Disparate caches of information and knowledge-bases
  • Little commonality in development tools between programs
  • Disjointed development environments and lack of fully integrated tools
  • Variable levels of Government visibility into development
  • Difficult for developers to transition back and forth between projects
  • Government maintains full access to (and positive control) of its own data
  • Single authoritative repository for knowledge
  • High degree of co mmonality in tools between programs
  • Fully integrated development and support tools
  • Complete Government visibility into development
  • Easier for developers to move between projects
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