Program Management, Administrative, Operations (Clerical), and Technical Services (PACTS II)

Functional Category 1Program Management and  Technical Services



Contract Period: 03/01/17-02/28/22

Award Ceiling: $1.5 Billion

Scope of Services Offered

  • Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
    • Financial planning and budgeting;
    • Equity and asset management;
    • Records management;
    • Office, strategic and organizational planning, and site selection;
    • Business process improvement
  • Process, physical distribution, and logistics consulting services
    • Operating Advice and Assistance Services;
    • Productivity Improvement;
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Control;
    • Inventory Management;
    • Distribution Networks;
    • Warehouse Use, Operations, and Utilization;
    • Transportation and Shipment of Goods and Materials;
    • Materials Management and Handling.
  • Engineering services
    • Design, development and utilization of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes, and systems
    • Provision of advice
    • Preparation of feasibility studies
    • Preparation of preliminary and final plans and designs
    • Provision of technical services during the construction or installation phase
    • Inspection and evaluation of engineering projects and related services.
  • Environmental, technical, and other scientific consulting services
    • Control of environmental contamination from pollutants, toxic substances, and hazardous materials
    • Identify problems (e.g., inspect buildings for hazardous material)
    • Measure and evaluate risks
    • Recommend solutions
    • Evaluate air and water quality, asbestos contamination, remediation, and environmental law
    • Provide sanitation or site remediation consulting services

Corporate Points of Contact

J.R. Flatter, Program Manager

  • (540) 658-1922 ext. 0106

Oliver Chiang, President, Domestic Programs

  • (540) 658-1922 ext. 0122

Team Members

Deployed Resources LLC

  • Turnkey life support facilities and related equipment

Homeland Security Solutions, Inc. (HSSI)

  • Program Management
  • Training Services
  • Exercise Support
  • Security Support & Consultation Services
  • Technology Development & Application

Ideal Innovations Incorporated (I3)

  • Biometrics
  • Forensics
  • Technical Services
  • International Services

Oasis Systems LLC

  • Acquisition and Program Management
  • Engineering and Integration
  • Facilities Management and Marine Operations
  • IT and Cyber Security
  • Intelligence and Special Programs

Conforming Version of the Contract

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PACTS II Contract (PDF)

PACTS II Contract (PDF)